Finding Your Centre In A Complex World

Life often deals with complexity. Complexity means a state of the world which we do not understand. We partly understand why things happen and partially don’t. We first think that the achievement of our goals is ideal. And their failure is our failure. But later we realise that the plans that work are in agreement […]

How and what you remember determine how creative you are?

Things happen — sometimes with our willing or unwilling participation and sometimes without. We don’t remember all these things. The detail of what we remember and what we do not decides the health of our creative practice. The confidence with which we can make something from nothing says a lot about us. We will be […]

FlightLab ROUND 2: free creative mentorship — APPLY NOW!

The FlightLab Programme: The FlightLab Application: Deadline for Applications: October 15, 2019 Across this month, mentorship sessions with the FlightLab programme’s first two mentees Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam have been taking place. Sessions happen every few days and it is an interesting practice for me as I feel involved with the growth and […]

Perceptions of Messiness, Navigating Dis-orientation & Making Progress

Introduction: the mind and its states Desires are mental constructs that become drivers of our actions and behaviours. Wishes and preferences that do not affect our behaviour are not so important. Of course we are seldom aware of what we do and for which reason. When we participate in a process of psychotherapy or analysis, […]

Welcome Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam: the First Batch of FlightLab Mentees (September 2019)

I have selected the first batch of mentees for FlightLab, September 2019. The first batch’s interests will be cultures of work, new engineered realities and installation art. Sessions with both of them start next week and I will post more when a few conversations have happened. The first selection is from a set of five […]

What is Mentorship and why is it important for all creative practitioners?

What is Mentorship

The dictionary meaning of the word mentor does a disservice to the act. It is merely described as “advise or training” offered by an experienced practitioner to an inexperienced one. But mentoring is more — in its cultural meaning as well as its social expectation. Mentoring is generally understood to mean a privileged sharing of […]

Announcing FlightLab: a free mentorship programme for creative practitioners — APPLY NOW!

Map of Creative Process

FlightLab is a free mentorship programme for creative practitioners. As a practitioner who has spent around seventeen years on his creative journey — I have a few things to share with other practitioners who might be at an earlier stage of their development and might need some support. What kind of support does a mentor […]

How Self-Knowledge & a Creative Practice can be Supportive to Each Other

Self-knowledge has been given the status of a grandiose and rare realisation in popular culture. But it is not so rare, so difficult or so mystical a construct. This disparity arises because there are two different connotations of the concept of self-knowledge and they are both relevant in different contexts. The common concept of self-knowledge […]

How Mynti Fell in Love With a Window

Mynti struggled everyday to remain distant from everyone. Because closeness had its dangers. What if someone became close to you but refused to make space in their life for you? Mynti didn’t want to feel trapped in a minefield of unmet expectations. People always had more important things to do and more important roles to […]

Understanding the Relationship Between Age, Creativity & Working Style Flexibility

Assembling different perspectives can affect the creative outcome

Treating individual personality orientations as opportunities to create fulfilling and non-orthodox and diverse working styles in your creative workplace