Another Pattern is Apparent (2011)

Photograph of an installation called "Another Pattern is Apparent" by Prayas Abhinav

[Installation] Another pattern is apparent (and all narratives are fiction) was a video installation working with the fractal nature of text and distortion. In the installation, a wavering body of text was projected onto a sheet of acrylic bent in a zigzag shape. The sheet of acrylic had a vinyl pattern stuck behind it which was obstructing the passage of projection selectively. This led to this ambient interplay of light, shadow and text with varying degrees and opacities of text in the room. View more images.

Canopy (2009)

Photographs of an installation called Canopy by Prayas Abhinav

[Installation] A publicly installed bamboo structure, which allowed a dual use of public space. It allowed a tea shop to function and created space for children to climb it and grow vegetables and medicinal plants for themselves. I then did music, drawing and craft workshops at the space to seed different imaginative associations of the space in the children’s minds. View more images.

Phase Shift (2012)

A photograph of an installation titled, "Phase Shift" by Prayas Abhinav

[Installation] A work of analogue animation. Frames describing the motion of a woman jumping out of a window are drawn on currency note-sized paper. A currency counting machine animates these frames. A camera inside a lamp-head captures this motion and displays it on a television. View more images.

The Potential (2012)

Photograph of an installation titled "The Potential," at Art HK 2011

[Installation] Books shelter desires. Masqueraded with words, empty or full, inscribed or blank – the desires in books leak through sometimes as invitations to do the impossible. The installation offers three invitations: “Money for nothing,” “Instant death” and “Flight.” Each invitation has its own paradox to consider – they are like sinful pleasures: attractive as well as feared. View more images.