“Source” published as part of the UNPUBLISH series by Banner Repeater, London (2013)

The Scource issue of Un-publish published by Banner Repeater (London)

[Publishing] The source is important because everything came from there and everything goes back there. What is the source? Who can access it?

“play_book: rendering art in a configurable environment” a commentary on Thukral & Tagra’s game projects (2018)

"Play Book: Rendering Art in a Configurable Environment," a monograph on games made by Thukral & Tagra

[Publishing] Submitted for publication. The book applies the vocabulary and framework of looking at digital games to Thukral & Tagra’s game installation projects.

“All That Happened”, a book chapter for Artists Re-imagining the Blockchain (2017)

Book cover of "Artists Rethinking the Blockchain" published by Torquetorque (UK)

[Publishing] A story written with the collective, Surfatial. It narrates the possible experiences that the use of blockchain for content publishing and distribution can open up for us. View PDF.

Museum of Vestigial Desire (2012-17)

Logo of Museum of Vestigial Desire

[Publishing] An archive of critical texts I wrote across five years. “The function of a museum is to create a fixed content pool with a uniform type of content”.

“Public Loom,” an essay commissioned by the Serendipity Arts Festival (2018)

Logo of the Serendipity Arts Foundation

[Publishing] A study on activist music which accompanied the “People’s Music” exhibition curated by Sumangala Damodaran.