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FlightLab ROUND 2: free creative mentorship — APPLY NOW!

Do you need a mentor?

The FlightLab Programme: https://teach.prayas.in/flightlab-free-mentorship/

The FlightLab Application: https://teach.prayas.in/f/1

Deadline for Applications: October 15, 2019

Across this month, mentorship sessions with the FlightLab programme’s first two mentees Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam have been taking place. Sessions happen every few days and it is an interesting practice for me as I feel involved with the growth and effort of developing new ideas of another individual.

I have done four sessions each with the two mentees so far. It is the half-way point of the FlightLab mentorship programme and I will post videos in which they narrate their experience so far.

This post announces the opening of second Call for Applications.

Any creative person looking for process mentorship (what is process mentorship?) and committed to engage should apply. FlightLab is a no-cost programme.

So, priority will be given to applications by creative people who articulate clear questions of inquiry and demonstrate a commitment to their practice through their portfolio. Applicants at the developmental stage (students, recent graduates or young practitioners…) who might not have other paid or unpaid opportunities to similar support will be given a preference. The deadline is October 15, 2019.

In the first call for applications, the programme received only five applications as the outreach effort was limited in scope. This time, a much wider net is being cast. I am designing a poster for offline distribution as well. I am also planning to deliver free introductory talks in some communities and campuses in spaces accessible to me near Ahmadabad.

I am planning to develop FlightLab into a platform soon. Artists who have been around for some time (ten years or so) should contribute at least two hours of their time a week to mentor younger people (practitioners either younger in age or practice or both).

Why should more experienced practitioners share their time? And why for free?

When we talk about the creative community there are invariably elements of wistfulness that come in. Elements that we have imagined but do not reflect in the reality of the community around us. A lot of these elements are around interaction and exchange between the established members of the community and the newcomers. Younger practitioners understand the nature of the creative community from what they experience and not from its idealistic conception. The ideal concept is based either on the reality of the creative community in some other country or at some other time.

If the FlightLab platform becomes a reality, then young practitioners will feel that experienced and seasoned practitioners are open and eager to talk to them. It will make a big difference to their perception of the creative community and the nature of its generosity.

If you believe you have something to share and you’d like to mentor young creative people in India — please write to me (using the form below or by email at me@prayas.in).

How we perceive a community to be affects our behaviour in the community too. If we experience the creative community to be generous, we are likely to behave generously too. On the other hand, if we perceive it to be transnational our own behaviour becomes more give and take oriented too.


Some questions:

Why does FlightLab exist?

FlightLab exists to offer creative mentorship support to young practitioners. At present only I have committed my time to offer mentorship but I am talking to more practitioners and talking to them to commit some time every week as well.

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