Mentorship programme 2021 (individual sessions)

For creative practitioners in India and beyond, an individual mentorship programme (online).

Individual Mentorship Package

For practitioners of all shades
4000 8 sessions
  • 45 minute sessions
  • 2 sessions / week
  • Focus on writing about your work, crafting + producing your work and presenting your work better

What is holding you back?

A pragmatic mentorship programme to help clear the path to greater creative fulfilment.

“…The goal of any mentorship process should be to walk the mentee towards a point where they can distance themselves from the act of creation enough to be objectively passionate about it…”

Mentoring consists of the following modes of communication:

  1. Advise — give suggestions about choices, options and actions.
  2. Train — impart knowledge to perform specific processes and tasks.
  3. Challenge — push the mentee towards their next developmental stage.
  4. Question — ask the mentee to articulate and contextualise their choices.
  5. Nurture — identify the mentee’s strengths and encourage them to do more.
  6. Listen — patiently receive all the stories and updates about the mentee’s journey.
  7. Teach & Learn — mentoring is a two way process. Both teaching & learning take place.
  8. Seek — mentees as well as mentors are individuals who are seeking things.
  9. Inform — mentors keep mentees informed about professional formats & standards.
  10. Correct — mentors correct the communication, projection and planning details of mentees.

Register for a free sample mentorship session before you commit

To get an understanding of how mentorship can work for you, register for a free 45 minute mentorship session.
Free Sample Session
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NID, MICA, DAI, Indus University, CEPT, Srishti
~ featured in ~
Rock Paper Shotgun. TED, Hindu Business Line, Business Mirror, AD, Open, The Mint Lounge, Verve
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