FlightLab ROUND 2: free creative mentorship — APPLY NOW!

Do you need a mentor?

The FlightLab Programme: https://teach.prayas.in/flightlab-free-mentorship/ The FlightLab Application: https://teach.prayas.in/f/1 Deadline for Applications: October 15, 2019 Across this month, mentorship sessions with the FlightLab programme’s first two mentees Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam have been taking place. Sessions happen every few days and it is an interesting practice for me as I feel involved with the growth and […]

Welcome Lohit Gaurav and Srinivas Harivanam: the First Batch of FlightLab Mentees (September 2019)

I have selected the first batch of mentees for FlightLab, September 2019. The first batch’s interests will be cultures of work, new engineered realities and installation art. Sessions with both of them start next week and I will post more when a few conversations have happened. The first selection is from a set of five […]

Announcing FlightLab: a free mentorship programme for creative practitioners — APPLY NOW!

Map of Creative Process

FlightLab is a free mentorship programme for creative practitioners. As a practitioner who has spent around seventeen years on his creative journey — I have a few things to share with other practitioners who might be at an earlier stage of their development and might need some support. What kind of support does a mentor […]