Web Curation (2013)

[at Arts & Humanities, CEPT University] Web Curation is an emerging practice of engaging with web based content in a way that attempts to listen to voices in the pool of noise that the web has become. Seeking out content from this pool of noise means to understand the context from which the content emerges and design strategies around that context. If expression is a sign of a trigger, then unfiltered, untapped content can be accessed most easily and abundantly on the web. It then becomes the responsibility of other co-inhabitants of the eco-system to be able to design flows and channels that tender this expressive content in a navigable form for audiences. The curator, literally the one who cures, is not the gate-keeper in the context of the web, but is the agent who can create envelopes of meaning and frames of enhanced signification and audience. This process will be outlined in the one week workshop.