Distortion field (2011)

A screenshot of "Distortion Field," a game designed by Prayas Abhinav

[Digital Game] A warped car-racing game which mimics the act of “dropping out”. It modifies the 2d-arcade car-racing tradition to a situation where the objective is not to win but is to get out of the race. There are detours to go turn away, but the complexities are many – if one slows down, one risks accidents. View more images.

“play_book: rendering art in a configurable environment” a commentary on Thukral & Tagra’s game projects (2018)

"Play Book: Rendering Art in a Configurable Environment," a monograph on games made by Thukral & Tagra

[Publishing] Submitted for publication. The book applies the vocabulary and framework of looking at digital games to Thukral & Tagra’s game installation projects.