Of Games I & II (2013-14)

Screenshot from "Somewhere," a game developed by Studio Oleomingus

[Curation] A series of pioneering game making residencies curated for Khoj, Delhi. The residencies successfully introduced gaming to India’s art & design fields.

Game Design: An Introduction (2016)

[At Digital Game Design, National Institute of Design Bangalore] A ten day workshop with the first year students. Some thoughts behind the workshop contents follow. A game is literary form. It is a way of telling stories in an immersive manner. The form of the game and the process to arrive at it are not different from each other. The experience of a playing a game can only be understood by playing it. On being narrated, it will only denote the nature of the metadata of the experience. This reflects the nature of code and rules. Within a rule-based system, players seek liberation. Liberation is towards arriving at a stage where there are no rules. Understanding rule-based systems means to understand that liberation is not possible. The density of rules that exists keeps changing though.
The game design process involves designing a game that will yield another game. Narrative extrapolation is a process similar to designing an experiment as a part of a scientific research process. Experiments are the only way of proving something and likewise games are the only way of delivering an experience that need not be imagined any more.