NanoResidency (2012)

A photograph of a moment from the Nanoresidency project by Prayas Abhinav at dis-locate 12 in Tokyo, Japan

[Project]NanoResidency (a project at dis-locate in Tokyo, Japan) invited artists to perform in public toilets to respond to the spaces with performances of gestures and sketches. Toilets are seen as outer spaces, and also outer-space. These performances were statements commenting on the insufficient space for art in our cities and also as a radical kind of space-creation.

The Potential (2012)

Photograph of an installation titled "The Potential," at Art HK 2011

[Installation] Books shelter desires. Masqueraded with words, empty or full, inscribed or blank – the desires in books leak through sometimes as invitations to do the impossible. The installation offers three invitations: “Money for nothing,” “Instant death” and “Flight.” Each invitation has its own paradox to consider – they are like sinful pleasures: attractive as well as feared. View more images.

“Source” published as part of the UNPUBLISH series by Banner Repeater, London (2013)

The Scource issue of Un-publish published by Banner Repeater (London)

[Publishing] The source is important because everything came from there and everything goes back there. What is the source? Who can access it?

Participation in Shadow Search Project (2009)

The Shadow Search Open Call, organised by

[Curation] Contribution to a collaborative project that explored the use of “natural-language search algorithms that are able to find people and activities that embody the self-understanding of the kind of art we are seeking without specifically using the word art or a related vocabulary.”

Ted India Fellowship (2009)

Logo of the TED Fellowship programme

[Fellowship] In recognition of my work in public urban spaces

Public Art Workshop @ dis-locate (2011)

[at dis-locate – Tokyo/Japan] An open public art workshop for the community as a part of the dis-locate festival. The workshop discussed methods and contexts for starting a public art practice and let some exercises with the participants.