Canopy (2009)

Photographs of an installation called Canopy by Prayas Abhinav

[Installation] A publicly installed bamboo structure, which allowed a dual use of public space. It allowed a tea shop to function and created space for children to climb it and grow vegetables and medicinal plants for themselves. I then did music, drawing and craft workshops at the space to seed different imaginative associations of the space in the children’s minds. View more images.

Ted India Fellowship (2009)

Logo of the TED Fellowship programme

[Fellowship] In recognition of my work in public urban spaces

“Mobile Cultural Spaces”, fellowship, OpenSpace Pune (2009)

Logo of Openspace Pune

[Fellowship] Support to do a mobile cultural space project in Bangalore.

“Publicity, Promises & the Public Space in Ahmedabad”, independent fellowship @ Sarai/CSDS (2005)

A photograph of empty advertising hoardings in Ahmedabad

[Fellowship] A project exploring the links between advertising, seduction and the public space.