Another Pattern is Apparent (2011)

Photograph of an installation called "Another Pattern is Apparent" by Prayas Abhinav

[Installation] Another pattern is apparent (and all narratives are fiction) was a video installation working with the fractal nature of text and distortion. In the installation, a wavering body of text was projected onto a sheet of acrylic bent in a zigzag shape. The sheet of acrylic had a vinyl pattern stuck behind it which was obstructing the passage of projection selectively. This led to this ambient interplay of light, shadow and text with varying degrees and opacities of text in the room. View more images.

Museum of Vestigial Desire (2012-17)

Logo of Museum of Vestigial Desire

[Publishing] An archive of critical texts I wrote across five years. “The function of a museum is to create a fixed content pool with a uniform type of content”.